Better side by side window management

Coming from Obsidian, I am finding the side by side windows great. However, I can rarely get what I want to display on both windows. Say I want my journal on the right and a new window on the left, I usually have to compromise and have the new window on the right because of how Logseq manages the multiple windows.

I voted this because I also feel the need to have a more flexible left/center/right panes management. I don’t feel the need to have a new window in the centre but I’d like a feature to be able to minimize/maximize with keyboard the right sidebar for example. Now we have the T R shortcut to reveal the right sidebar. I want a T R W to Toggle Right sidebar Wide so it expands to 90% of the width of the screen when I need to do some editing in there, instead of having 1/5 of the screen for the same.

Also I’d like the center and right panes to be treated the same (I can’t seem to be able to Search (Ctrl+F) in the right pane) … :-/