Between Roam and the Logseq space =)


I’m Lynoure, Finnish, living in Bremen, Germany and using currently still Roam Research for my own private notes, but started using LogSeq for my work journal, as it stays on my computer and I love open source. My field is software development.

So far I’m damn impressed with LogSeq!


Hey, @Lynoure! Welcome.

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Welcome @Lynoure! Great to see a friendly face from the Roam community joining.

Never hesitate to ask how to do something in Logseq that you are used to do in Roam. While the tools overlap in many areas, Logseq does some things differently from what you might be used to.

I’m working on a comparison between Roam and Logseq to make switching easier. So again: please share with me whenever you’re stuck with Logseq.


I’m continuing to have issues adapting my workflow in Roam to Logseq, specifically templates and attributes in Roam vs. properties in Logseq. I’m unclear on the rationale behind “page properties” For example, why is it if I include a tag such as #book in page properties it doesn’t show up as a linked reference for that page?

Properties have a different use in Logseq as they’re for queries (just as attributes were originally meant to be for some kind of table/queries in Roam). See this snippet from the Logseq documentation for the use case of properties in Logseq.

Personally I have no issue with stuff not showing in the linked references. Have you put brackets around the words? If you did and it doesn’t work, could you post a screenshot?

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I had that not showing problem as well. Turned out it was fixed in a newer version of LogSeq but my installed version did not show there was a newer one, and I only found out after checking manually with a browser.