Beware, Logseq instability

Used Logseq back in 2022 and one day during an update I lost all my data. Thought i would never use Logseq again. Earlier this year I reconsidered my decision and started using it once again thinking the product might have matured.

Tonight while working on a remote instance I kept having issues, Logseq stating it could not connect to the network. Tested my connectivity using the browser and all was fine. After a few times of connectivity issues where my work was deleted I proceeded to logoff the remote instance and just get my work done. Surprisingly after i had completed my work and decided to sync, again all my work was deleted.

Man that sucks!! Will have to reconsider my decision. Its only fair to warn new users i guess.

EDIT: In all fairness Logseq is a very nice application. Certainly the best fit for my use case. Rather than being taken as negative criticism its my hope that the Logseq team takes this as constructive criticism. Potential Data Loss is by far more important than any feature IMO. There are lots of great apps out there looking to eat your lunch. Lossing ground(users) could be giving a meal you’ve mostly likely had a role in preparing to the competition. Rooting for you…

I don’t have any trouble working locally and synching between my android and my mac through google drive.