Bill Petro: writer, technologist and PKMer

I’m a retired Silicon Valley high-tech sales training executive who is researching PKM and TfT tools. I’m a long-time user of Roam and Obsidian, and a shorter-time user of Tana, Craft, Logseq, Scrintal, and Heptabase.

I’m very keen to look at Logseq’s Whiteboards, but I can’t seem to get it to open. What am I missing?


Hi and welcome!

To my knowledge you are not missing anything: I see you have Sync enabled that means you are a Backer or Sponsor and in theory you should be able to toggle the Whitebooard feature too. When I became a Backer on OpenCollective I logged with the same email address in Logseq and I was able to toggle both Sync and Whiteboards.

Posting this in Introductions category may not give enough visibility to your issue. @Ramses is the community manager here, tagging him just in case. If you don’t get a reply here try to join the Discord community.


Thanks @alex0 I have it sorted out now.