Block calendar not showing


i don’t know whether here is a right place not ask help on plugins…

i installed plugins “banner + block calendar”, they work fine till today, the calendar doesn’t show up, so far i tried re-install block calendar, and re-set both plugins, but not working.

any hints? thank you

  • Check if other plugins work on not.
  • Try on a new empty graph.
  • Check the console for any clues (Ctrl + Shift + i).
  • If you suspect that it is an issue with the plugin itself, try asking on the specific plugin’s page.
    • Include a description of your efforts up to this point.
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hi mentaloid,

happy holiday, thank you for your suggestions, all other plugins working fine, tried on new empty graph, not working as well.

as for console, everything is fine.

i will ask it in the plugin page.

thank you very much

Just provided PR that fixes it. Waiting plugin’s author to approve.

If you want to fix it right now:




Save it & restart Logseq


thank you, let’s see

@baiwj just updated prev post

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@stdword indeed, the calendar comes back, thank you very much !

wonderful fixing

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PR has been merged, Please update. Thanks @stdword

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