Block embeds and exporting

TLDR: Can I export pages with block embeds? I have only experimented with mobile so far. As I research more, I realize there are some tools for desktop such as GitHub - sethyuan/logseq-plugin-doc: Show page in a more document like look and provide quick exporting.. I will update or delete this post when I am able to get access to the desktop version.

I have a vault that became unwieldy in Obsidian and I wish to use Logseq to start anew and develop a high level organization of information.

To do this, I plan to use a workflow of leaving a block embed for an idea on all the pages I would like to incorporate the page idea into that block idea. This will allow me to edit the block from these various pages. To organize the different page contexts I will use indented sub blocks.

While doing this process my plan is to keep the information as is within the Obsidian vault, but perhaps highlight and tag the notes and/or blocks that have been addressed. I am intentionally not attempting to link to this text. If I want to copy any over to Logseq, it will be minimal. The goal is to reword for a fresh start.

To explain my decision to go this route, I will confess I haven’t been able to wrangle the chaos of this vault for many years. It is too overwhelming. By keeping the process simple and light, I hope to make a quick run through of the vault, but even that will take weeks.

My question is about how I can prepare myself for the unknown state I will be in upon completion. Essentially I know I will have a high level web of pages and possibly some queries. The graph will likely have many block embeds and various index pages. It may or may not have a central hub where everything is organized and layed out in a meaningful manner. With such a decentralized setup, if I find it expedient to move some of the pages to my Obsidian vault to extract vault content into the correct contexts within the imported pages, what are my options? Should I rely on doing some sort of export?

Thanks so much!

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