Block Plugins in Managed Network

Hello community,

I am trying to deploy LogSeq in my work environment, to be used by multiple users. IT needs to approve the tool, but they are concerned about the security of the plugins and how to manage which plugins may or may not be installed on each LogSeq instance within the work PCs.

What would be a good way to:

Manage and release a list of company approved plugins that may be used by the employees.

Block the possibility for user to install plugins or themes at all (by for example blocking the relevant HTTP requests done by LogSeq)

I could not find relevant documentation on this so far.

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Hi there and welcome!
I am not aware of a way to do this, but I agree that it would be valuable. I have just opened a somewhat related feature request Option to work offline (block network access).

Edit: there is a somewhat related open feature request here: Offline mode / better offline handling - Feedback / Feature Requests - Logseq