Block preview shows "null" or just UUID or empty square

I’m new to Logseq. Installed it on Linux Kubuntu 22.04.
Version 0.10.7

When I create a block link and then hover over the link instead of a preview I see either null:

or empty square. Restarting the app seems to fix the issue, but just for a couple of hovers, afterwards it continues to show null.

Welcome. This is a long-standing bug in all platforms. It usually happens after editing a block (but not only). A few clicks outside of blocks (empty areas, menus etc.) usually fixes it.

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Thanks for the answer! It’s not critical. However I wonder that you called it “long-standing”. Sorry for this trivial question: what prevents devs from fixing it? Can I help somehow?

  • It’s all about priorities. There are:
    • many things that are relatively easy to fix
      • but not important enough to get the needed attention
    • some important things that are not easy to fix
      • but have to wait for the coming database version
  • Help at this level needs a skill that not many have: preparing PRs in clojurescript
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