Block properties specific to type

New to Logseq and I have a question about best practice with block properties and/or a question of possibility.

I’m liking the ability to assign properties to blocks that can be referenced later but I can foresee that if I use this function a lot I’m pretty soon going to get a massive list of possible properties from the available list. Is there any way to assign block properties to a tag or a primary block type. For instance if I’m assigning the type of “vehicle” to a block then “VIN#” and “Plate#” would come up, but “Author” and “Narrator” (tags from audiobooks) wouldn’t come up as they don’t apply. This would also allow some properties to cross types for cross referencing purposes.

With note taking I’m always concerned with the number of clicks, seconds, etc. that it takes to input any new piece of info and block properties seem great but I’m concerned that after using it a lot I’m going to end up with a laundry list of possible properties I have to dig through and I’m going to probably have to go find a previous type example to figure out what properties I gave it previously.

I think this would be best served with templates.
A vehicle template would have something like

template:: vehicle

Then when you want to make a block for a vehicle you go /template > vehicle and get a block with the above. (Without the template property) and can then fill it in.
I use this myself for note taking. You can read about my method on my blog:

It’ll give you some inspiration maybe.

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Thanks Sif, this looks like it might be exactly what I need! I’ll check it out.

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