Block quotation comments expansion

I think it is one of the most helpful functions in Roam. I can click the reference button and see all the comments of the current block directly on the same page. :grinning:

Maybe I’m missing something, but isn’t this what you want?

Not the same actually. When clicking the “number” of references, the linked references will be present at the right sidebar. What I expect is the text can expand under the block on the current page.

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This is definitely the most useful feature in Roam. You can click and hold Command (Mac OS) key, then a + appear at the end of a block, click the + , you can write annotations for this block.

The same feature also implement in Craft (a beautiful native note app), which is “Add Content”.

Hope development team could notice this feature and realize how important it is for note reviewing.

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Would love to see this feature. I want to use block references more and find how Logseq handles this to be rather disorienting as well as more friction than what page reference can do.

I’m not 100% certain what I want is the same as this feature, but basically if a page P includes a link to a block with ((block-uuid)) then I see the linked-to block, which is fine. But I can’t twirl it open in place (in page P) to see its children. That’s what I would like. That way I don’t have to click on the ref to go to the referenced block to see its children.