Block Reference or Embed - only the immediate child blocks of a block

Is it possible to embed or reference all the child blocks of a block?

I’m creating a list of blocks for items that I would like to compare with block-properties.
Then I’m using the block-properties to create a query table which gives me a table of comparison of each block with its respective property.

One of the properties that I have in each of the blocks is “Pros & Cons” which is a block-embed where I’m storing the pros and cons of each laptop in its respective block.

In the query result, I would like the “Pros & Cons” column (from the block-property) to just show the child-content from the “Props & Cons” block. But since its a block embed - it gets embedded with the parent content as well.

Below screenshot would be help in understanding the issue.

In the below screenshot, the “Pros” & “Cons” highlighted in red are block-embeds. But I want the block-embeds to just display the child content, since the Query column already shows that they are .pros and .cons

Side-Note: i’m using .property syntax so that the property gets automatically hidden in the respective block/page - from the “Awesome Props” plugin