Block reference

Hi everyone! I’m new here and still learning and watching a lot of tutorials.

I’m seeing people drag blocks from one page to another and Logseq copies and pastes a reference block. I’ve also seen people copy and paste blocks with keystrokes to make reference blocks.

My logseq doesn’t behave that way. When I drag a block to another page, it cuts and pastes it instead of referencing.

When I copy and paste with keystrokes, it copy and pastes — duplicating the block.

Is this a feature that needs to be enabled?

Thank you!


  • When you try with keystrokes, but without selection:

…does it still copy the whole block?

  • Look also for plugins of relevant functionality.
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Amazing. It was the selection issue with the keystoke. When it’s not selected, it copies the block reference. Thank you SO much!

And with the mouse, I found I needed to be holding Option (i’m on a mac).

Thanks for the help!