Block vs. a separate page. Why does the linking format differ?

Hi there, LogSeq fans,

I have a question which won’t surprise anyone, but I think we should try and answer it for new people. If I have a piece of information, and it could either become a nested block somewhere, or a page of its own, why should I have to differentiate when linking to it?

I completely understand why LogSeq splits large topics by files, by why the separate linking syntax? Whether something is a page, or a nested block inside a page, couldn’t we just implicitly use UUIDs from the start? I mean, also for pages. My biggest confusion as a newcomer to LogSeq, is having to look up whether a piece of info was a block or a page. This means, literally trying [[...]] followed by ((...)) every time.

I am definitely new to LogSeq, and perhaps the tools is going to merge both at a certain future point. I just wanted to share my thoughts and see if others think the same way.