Boards, brainstorming, storyboarding

I have been playing around with some other note-taking app under development, such as Scrintal, Muse and Napkin, that use the ‘cards on a desk’ metaphor to encourage creative processes such as mind mapping, brainstorming and storyboarding. I like that approach but keep being underwhelmed with the power of their underlying engine, which is where Logseq shines for me. Logseq is the first of all the apps I’ve tried I am getting hooked on :-).

I know some kind of whiteboard approach is on the development path, so I would really like to hear how far this project is in terms of getting ready to be tested. In addition, as a feature request, I would love to see some functionality for storyboarding so one can visually arrange blocks into sequences and sections, and then export the result to an editing app (in my case iAWriter or Ulysses and then Affinity Publisher) for further polishing and preparation for publishing.

I think that this functionality would lift Logseq even further above the others, by pairing its powerful note-gathering and querying engine with creative production support. After all, it’s not just about the notes that go in, it’s also about the work coming out of Logseq that determines its value to the user.