Bring back the import/refresh button

(thanks t-Eleven)

With the button removed, the QOL has suffered as it now takes longer to sync changes than previously.

Not sure if the intended use is to re-index graph or if the app should find changes automatically, but yesterday I moved from one computer to another and struggled for the life of me how to get the notes created on computer 1 to show on computer 2 - had to do a re-index in the end as opposed to clicking import/refresh button.

From t-Eleven: I was able to have all the changes quickly, now I have to re-index. Re-indexing all my notes takes too long, so it would be inconvenient to do it every time

For context on why it was removed:

As for the refresh button, the problem is that people think it’ll overwrite the disk files when you click the refresh button, while it’s not. The previous refresh button will read any changes from the disk and overwrite the files in logseq. That’s why we removed it, but I understand that it can be boring when you have several files changed on a computer and re-index each time when you go to another computer. We’ll propose a better solution, it just needs some time :slight_smile:

Thanks Tienson

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Resolved with the latest release of LS. Click graph name and option is there