Browse the published graph by phone

I am trying loseq publishing lately. Obviously I do think there’s a lot to improve but I’ll do what I have now.

I have a graph published via github. Have searched the web for page css and some other codes that will help. I have used what’s suggested by this article Logseq custom.css for publishing · GitHub. (ps i’m no programmer)

I noticed that some functions like “deleting photo” and “disable some functions” only work on desktop browser. When using both Android and iOS safari, you can still accidentally edit the content on the browser (obviously it is not permanent edits. it goes back to original page when refreshed.) In Safari, it is the worst. Just wish it would be a real simple page without all those complications. Would also love to disable those toolbox at the bottom as well.

I understand Logseq is not a blogging tool. But knowledge itself makes more senses when you can interact the knowledge with others.

Anyway, just some feedbacks.

This is a goal of mine as well and I hope this capability will be improved!

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