"Bug Reports" Category In This Forum

Hey @moderators this is a suggestion / question about the best way to report bugs.

“Bug Reports” category

it’d be awesome to have a “Bug Reports” category. It’d be great to be able to categorize things nicely.


I’ve noticed most bug reports end up going into the discord chat, which makes it harder to see if something has been reported yet or not.

I think there’s a big advantage to having bugs nicely organized in discourse, I guess I’m just a big fan of discourse’s friendly and organized UX.

Github issues

Bugs also end up going to Github issues, which seems to be nicely organized!!

I’ve noticed that there’s this strange stigma for some users (mostly beginnners) to fear github issues (because it feel too programmer advanced) and they end up not reporting bugs and giving up on requesting fixes.

However if github issues is the prefered place for bugs, I still think there could be a category in this forum advicing people to report bugs in github or something like that.


The Obsidian Forum is really nicely layed out, bug reports and bug graveyard are a great way I see them organizing things.

Again if Github or discord are the prefered places to report bugs, that’s okay. It’d be just nice to know where the best place to do so.

All of this is just a recommendation, whatever works for the Logseq team works for me too!

Thanks a lot!!

Thanks for this suggestion too!

I’m also a big fan of discourse, previously, we prefer all the users to report issues on GitHub, but not all the users are familiar with GitHub so that just like what you said, they might end up not reporting the bugs. What we’d like is a central place for bug reports like what Obsidian does, but being a OSS project means there’re a lot of bugs/PRs on GitHub, so we’ll give it more thoughts in the next few days.


Got you! yeah this must be tricky, despite the downsides for beginners having it centralized in Github seems like a great workflow. Plus the kanban board roadmap set-up you guys have is awesome.

No worries take your time, whatever works best for you guys!