-C error: Git could not be found at the expected path

Hello, I’m new to Logseq, so my first action is to setup backup with Github.
I installed various plugins and played around by selecting the Logseq git plugin, however this error appears:
-C error: Error: Git could not be found at the expected path: ‘/tmp/.mount_Logseq6NxDjB/resources/app.asar.unpacked/node_modules/dugite/git/bin/git’. This might be a problem with how the application is packaged, so confirm this folder hasn’t been removed when packaging.

hi. Did you get the answer ? I also encountered the same problem.

Sorry, not yet. Will come back to this issue when time permits.

Plugins aren’t needed.
I installed git on my Desktop and then added these 2 files to ~/Documents/repository/.git/hooks.