Caching of advanced queries possible?

I have an advanced query that uses recursive rules which makes the query computationally costly. I have already implemented best practices for recursive rules to make the query as efficient as possible. Nevertheless, the query takes up to 5 seconds.

The query is rerun everytime I newly open the page. Even worse, after the output of the query got shortly out of view by scrolling, the query is rerun whenever it is in view again. As I want to combine the info from the query with other info on the page to which I have to scroll, this is suboptimal.

The information underlying the query only changes daily, sometimes hourly. Is there a way to tell logseq that this query should only be computed once a day or on demand, and otherwise a cached version of the output is displayed?

As far as I’m aware this is not possible. However for longer running queries, Logseq actually does stop rerunning them. I don’t know the exact threshold.
It will then show a symbol (similar to this :arrows_counterclockwise:) next to the settings buttons at the top right. This indicates a button to manually refresh the query.
I have seen this happen with some of my own queries, but as I’m trying it now… of course they don’t :stuck_out_tongue: