Calendar plugin should be improved and integrated into Logseq


I think features such as “creating a future date” should be part of the main app. Creating a journal date should behave normally (following templates etc). I don’t think this is a contentious idea, but I am looking forward for your thoughts on this.


Hey @Waldo_Ramalho. Not totally sure what you mean here.
You can easily create a page in the future using /date (and select the date picker).

What more do you have in mind?

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@pmz, if not mistaken, he’s referring to logseq-plugin-samples/logseq-journals-calendar at master · logseq/logseq-plugin-samples · GitHub to be part of the Logseq core. This plugin allows the creation of future journals.


Ok cool!
It’s a nice plugin but I don’t think it should be part of Logseq.

For what it’s worth, this has been a core part of my workflow with NotePlan and Obsidian, both of which have integrated calendar pickers. NotePlan also allows you to step back to past dates using a keyboard shortcut. I would very much like to see a built-in solution.

Currently in Logseq it’s quite difficult to get to past and future calendar dates:

  • Typing dates in search is hard
  • You need to create new text to use the date picker
  • Infinite scroll to get to recent previous dates is a choppy user flow
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You can try using this

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I would also appreciate having this be part of Logseq. I use Logseq to take notes and plan agendas for my meetings. I need to be able to quickly access dates in the past (to review prior notes) and the future (to plan agendas).

There is currently no easy way to do this in Logseq. I agree with @alerion that the existing methods (type dates in search, using /datepicker, and scrolling journals) are awkward and choppy. They feel more like workarounds than helpful UI for what I’m trying to accomplish.

I did just try the journal calendar plugin, but it does not seem to be working anymore.

Agenda plugin Calendar view might provide you with the features you need

I agree that navigating to future dates is challenging, especially on mobile. A calendar picker seems like a core feature when the primary view is a dated journal.

What you suggest won’t work on mobile devices. It needs to be part of the main app!