Calendar Plugin

A calendar that would show if entries were made on a day (Dot below the day number) and each day is clickable that when clicked would open up that days journal page. Dot could also be color coded to show if an open task is due for that day, etc.

I think this calendar is somewhat ready, but for people who don’t have YARN & node, etc software this as an out of the box plugin would be great.

There’s this: logseq-plugin-samples/logseq-journals-calendar at master · logseq/logseq-plugin-samples · GitHub

Given plugins are still a WIP system if installing Node and such is out of realm of expectation then I’d say wait until Logseq does it in the background for you.

Yes, it needs a bit more user friendliness while maturing… Maybe a similar approach of Obsidian might be useful, core plugins (just click to enable) and community plugins that need to be installed (via a marketplace if possible)?

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Maybe. I don’t know if NPM or anything is exposed in web apps, but since Logseq also isn’t desktop-first, one has to also consider how the plugin system will integrate with the web app.

Ideally a self-hosted option is available where we can maintain the codebase state (i.e.: update it as we please) and house all the plugins on said server.

But not sure why/how the calendar plugin I mentioned doesn’t solve the need here outside of the extra steps of installing Node & running npm i/npm run build. If anything there’s also the plausible solution that the plugin author include the node_modules folder in the repo, but that’s an anti-practice for most, if not all SDLC’s.

Agree, the calendar plugin is great and a must have (at least for me ;-)). Install was ok, but can imagine that a non CS person might be in trouble. I think this is a obvious candidate for a ‘core’ plugin.

After reading theses instructions this is completely Greek to me. I don’t see anything on the roadmap for an official plugin so I guess unless there’s some sort of very detailed step by step process for people who don’t know what yarn or node is / does then I guess we’re waiting for the Logseq team to roll something out later :pensive:


I have close this down because the new release includes Marketplace which makes it easy to install plugins.