Calendar view for Journal

It would be nice if we could see the Journal in calendar view, showing whether there is anything written for the day or even the lines on the highest level of the blocks in the day, where clicking on that day will open that day’s journal page.

I use Logseq to organise my work. This feature would seem to make scheduling meetings way easier. Currently I will use the date picker and noting the meeting and time of it in a ‘calendar page’ I created or simply in the Journal. The problem is that the number of clicks till I know whether I have a clash of schedule is too many, and since I did not mark the meetings in the actual date of the meeting, the entries shown in that day’s Journal might not be in chronological order, meaning the links might appear in order such as 0900, 1700 then 1300.

Welcome. A calendar is a big feature (look for relevant plugins), but your scenario could be accomplished with a query, e.g. Advanced Query for NOW or due today/overdue . If you go this direction, there are various ways to reduce the number of clicks, depending on the details of your usage.