Calendar which can choose past date as a new page

As I just started using logseq, I want to transfer my previous notes to logseq in the form of date. However, logseq cannot select past date like roamresearch

Hi there, thank you very much for the post and glad to hear you are looking to move to Logseq, just out of interest, which other tool are you coming from?

In terms of opening historical journal pages, you can do this in 2 ways:

  1. Via the date picker

In a new block, type “/date picker” to create a link to a journal page and from there you can navigate to the page

  1. Via a cool plugin
  • Click 3 dots in too right hand corner and go to settings
  • Got to advanced and enable Developer mode
  • Restart the app
  • click 3 dots and go to Plugins, then Marketplace
  • Install the calendar plugin

This will add a little icon in the top right where on click it will create a new journal page.

Personally I use #2 as it feels a bit quicker and smoother.

Hope this helps

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