Can block properties be referenced within block?

For example, I have the following block.

* Week 29
  #+TYPE: week
  #+BEGIN: 2021-07-19
  #+END: 2021-07-25
  ** {{query (between :begin :end)}}

Is it possible to use begin, end properties within the block?

Also, is it possible to do some date-time calculation within the query? Such as (+ 2021-01-01 29w) or (plus (date-time 2021 7 19) (days 2)). I have looked into both datomic and clojurescript documentation, but couldn’t find any solution.

Logseq have two forms of queries.
1/ Simple Queries -
2/ Advanced Queries - and (logseq discord #datalog channel)

I understand the Advanced Queries can do quite a bit of calculations.

Thank you for the discord link, I will check it out. Actually, I read the advanced queries docs, and it didn’t help.

My main question is whether I could reference these properties within the block, not necessarily query with them, but use them as local variables for any purpose. Here I am querying between begin and end, though there could be other uses. It would make templates more generic, and would make documents data driven.

Mmm … Tienson answer to Devon question here Add eval to allow for custom inputs to queries might give some light. It appears all dynamic calculations in logseq block are only in queries.