Can I do a Repeating Scheduled Task that is only active in the third week of a month, repeating daily?

Hello, I need to create a Repeating Scheduled Task that is active each month in the third week and I want it repeated daily or every other day during that time. Is this possible with Logseq or do I have to resort to creating 7 scheduled tasks that repeat monthly?

This isn’t possible, Logseq only has very basic task management tools. It is after all not a task manager :slight_smile:
Your own suggestion would work, or you can make a daily repeating task and then manually reschedule it for the next month.

You can use logseq-power blocks-plugin and use the AND conditions to do so. Will update you once I implement week. Do note that this can create the block according to your schedule but it does not make the task “Scheduled”.

Create a powerblock like the below. Turn on auto-parse in the plugin settings, and add {{{active}}} as a daily template.

You can replace “active” with another name as you wish.