Can I separate the pdf reading window and the note window?

I have two screens and I want one for pdf reading and annotation and another for note taking. Is it possible to separate the two windowss?

Someone did the same request for whiteboards. In general there is demand to use Logseq more like Obsidian where you have tabs, splitted view and windows. I would like a general approach instead of something specific to PDF.

As a workaround, have you tried to open another Logseq window (from the left sidebar > dropdown menu to change the graph > open new window) and use the PDF viewer as large as possible in that window?

Keep in mind that at the moment multiple windows don’t play well with Logseq Sync that is currently in beta.

Whe I open multiple winodw, and I edit my logseq file at outer editors(like emacs), the logseq alway
notify confilict infomartion. Is this the same problem with the Logseq Sync?

Would you please describe this part more carefully? Thanks so much.

On the top left there is an hamburger menu that opens the left sidebar. The very first entry has your graph name as a label and when clicked opens a dropdown menu where at the bottom features the “New Window” entry. It should open a new Logseq window that you can use independently from the first one. It’s like there are two Logseq running at the same time.

Oh, I use mac OS. The “New Window” is on the menu bar. Sorry to bother you :slight_smile:

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