Can I show the type of connection in graph?

Hi there. I’m currently still trying to migrate my stuff from TiddlyWiki to Logseq mostly because of the cool graph view. I use Tiddly to keep notes about Pen and Paper RPG sessions, the characters and places and hoped the graph view could help me get an overview over the relations between characters which has become complicated over the years. I set up a few pages already and tried using page properties and tags in addition to just linking pages but in the graph I can not see what kind of relationship two pages (for example for characters) have.

So my issue basically is that all connections of the vertices are treated the same I have connections from Person-A to Person-B, C and D in the graph but can’t see what type of connection this actually is, like are they offspring, friends or foes or linked for some other reason? Is there a way to make the type of connection more clear, perhaps by labeling the edges or different colors depending on the page property?

If the Graph view is really your primary need, I’m afraid that you should look to some other application. No matter some plugins, relevant hacks, and special workflows, Logseq’s Graph view misses a lot. It will certainly improve in the future (and what you describe is a well-known great feature), but not any time soon (except if an external contributor makes a surprise).

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Darn. I guess I stay at Tiddly for now but will keep an eye on Logseq.