Can I "symlink" partial namespaces?

I have three pages:

  • Dogs/Aava (alias Aava)
  • Dogs/Ares (alias Ares)
  • Dogs/Elvis (alias Elvis)

Ares and Aava are my dogs and they’re wolfdogs. Elvis is a German Shepherd and my girlfriend’s dog. The namespace Dogs has the alias “pack”, so when I write about all of them, I can just use [[pack]]. However, I often write only about my dogs and I usually call them “wolfies”. Is it possible to “symlink” namespaces to a subset, so that “walking with the [[pack]]” links to the Dogs namespace and “waking with [[wolfies]]” links to something that only has Aava and Ares under it?

Turns out, one can actually use namespaces in aliases. Who would have thought :D. I love how flexible Logseq is!!!


  • Dogs/Aava
    alias:: Aava, Wolfies/Aava
  • Dogs/Ares
    alias:: Ares, Wolfies/Ares
  • Dogs/Elvis
    alias:: Elvis
  • Wolfies
    icon:: :wolf:
  • Dogs
    alias:: pack

So I have can write about Dogs, pack, Wolfies and I have all the references right where I want them!


An alias is usually to make it easy to use a shortened version of a longer name.
So, I can understand having an alias Aava, but what is the advantage of having an alias Wolfies/Aava instead of typing Dogs/Aava. In fact, your alias is longer, it has more letters to type.

If you read the original post, it might become more clear. I’m using aliases here to create a structure more similar to my thinking. Maybe it would make more sense to you this way?

  • Aava
    alias:: Dogs/Aava, Wolfies/Aava
  • Ares
    alias:: Dogs/Ares, Wolfies/Ares
  • Elvis
    alias:: Dogs/Elvis
  • Wolfies
    icon:: :wolf:
  • Dogs
    alias:: pack

Thank you, you made me realize that symlinks can be used to have aliases that works outside of Logseq (at least on a OS that supports symlinks).

For anyone interested, I verified that you can make a symlink in your graph folder. Logseq treats them as different pages but their content is the same and in sync.


Sometimes aliases are used just for things that have multiple names. For example, i have a page called “Neural Networks” with aliases “NN, Redes Neuronales, Red Neuronal”. That way, it also appears on the Unlinked references section.

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