Can Logseq extract highlight annotated by another PDF reader?

Converting highlight annotations of another PDF reader to the Logseq PDF reader is a huge project. However, could we have such a feature or plug-in?

Check this out Comprehensive Obsidian & Zotero Workflow For Zettelkasten & Evergreen Notes :memo: - YouTube

You can leave the Obsidian part out, but I think the workflow can be applied to Logseq as follows (generally)
Install Zotero → import the pdf → extract the annotations → install MDNotes for the conversion of Rich Text format to Markdown notes → copy and paste from the markdown file to Logseq

I understand that this is not native to Logseq, however, I think this is not in the horizon of the Logseq devs, so this may provide an good workaround.


Thanks for your solution. I’ll give it a try.