Can Logseq extract highlight annotated by another PDF reader?

Converting highlight annotations of another PDF reader to the Logseq PDF reader is a huge project. However, could we have such a feature or plug-in?

Check this out Comprehensive Obsidian & Zotero Workflow For Zettelkasten & Evergreen Notes :memo: - YouTube

You can leave the Obsidian part out, but I think the workflow can be applied to Logseq as follows (generally)
Install Zotero → import the pdf → extract the annotations → install MDNotes for the conversion of Rich Text format to Markdown notes → copy and paste from the markdown file to Logseq

I understand that this is not native to Logseq, however, I think this is not in the horizon of the Logseq devs, so this may provide an good workaround.


Thanks for your solution. I’ll give it a try.

Hi, (posting this in all threads related to pdf annotations)

I was very frustrated by Logseq’s lack of pdf annotation import so I forked pdfannots to create a proof of concept to import pdf annotations. Here’s the link.

You can use it like so python ./ -f md_and_edn path_to_pdf -o path_to_pages_markdown --edn_output path_to_asset_edn.

This will create the markdown annotation file (in the pages folder) as well as the edn files containing the metadata of the highlights (in the assets folder).

This is still early and does not yet support highlight color parsing nor highlights different than simple text highlighting (no shapes, no rectangles etc). Don’t hesitate to help in the PR as I’m not a pro at this!

I made a fonctionnal script that can be found here: Python script to import pdf annotation to logseq

Any news on this feature? I currently import the pdf, annotated from my e-reader, in Zotero and link to the Zotero item from logseq. Being able to import my annotation directly in Logseq would allow removing Zotero completely from my workflow. One less tool that can break :slight_smile:
Is there a place to vote on implementing this?