Can quick capture differentiate between share site and highlight?

I’m trying to optimize my quick capture workflow.
I do two different things with quick capture.

  1. Share button from my mobile browser to share entire page to logseq. This results in a link with page title as the link text.
  2. Highlight parts of a webpage and select share from the context menu and select logseq. This results in having the highlight text and a link in logseq.

In the config I can define the template, but it only shows the options text and media. Where I have the following set up right now:

:quick-capture-templates {
   :text "{text} {url}"
   :media "{url}"

Is there a way to differentiate between my first and second use case?
I would like it if I share the page that I get the link as right now, but when I highlight something I’d like the link to be omitted.
This so I don’t need to strip the link from all my highlights :sweat_smile: