Can the Android apk run on ChromeOS?

Hello – I’ve started using Logseq at work (Windows) and at home (Linux), but I’m moving to a Chromebook when I’m out and about… does anyone know if the Android apk version of Logseq will run on ChromeOS? I just ordered a Lenovo Ideapad Slim 3, so just curious. I’ve seen some posts with folks running it without issue and some who don’t, but most who say they had issues these seem to be from years ago. Just curious if anyone is using Logseq on a Chromebook with ChromeOS with any luck. Thanks.

I think you would have better luck with Logseq Desktop from FlatHub

That’s what I did – was able to enable the Linux shell and installed it from flathub. It’s slow but works. I have one issue, but I’ll share this in another post. Thanks again.