Can we have a Joker theme? Purple, pink, green?

I’m wanting a theme that has some purple, pink, and green in it.

Could we have a theme that represents The Joker’s (from Batman) colors?

The main colours would be:

Purple (as the background)
Pink and Green for other things (e.g. bullet points, underlines, headings, subheadings, other parts of the user interface, etc.)
Text would be white.

Let me know your thoughts.

And of course, a Harley Quinn theme too.

Sounds good, you can try to write the css code yourself, it’s easy, but the colors I match look terrible. . :joy:
you can try Ctrl+ shift + i

How can I write it myself? I don’t know how to code.

Is it simple and easy? Could I watch a tutorial to do it within a day?


use devtools to select elements,
(modify the code of the window in the lower right corner, you can see that the selected elements will change,

Devtools click on the bold font (word), which you’ll see in the lower right corner

b, strong {
font-weight: bolder

you can writing something to it ,just like this

b, strong {
font-weight: bolder
color: #045591

You will see the font of the left window change to the corresponding color,

It’s a simple example, but others things that can be done like this.

enter this code into the custom.css ,it is saved and work,

But other people have written themes that have done most of the code, and if you just want to adjust the color, you just need to modify the color, (you can check their code to make adjustments,)
(if you need ,solarized-theme is great , you can from it )


click others logseq-theme ,open custom.css
ctrl+f search elements that you need,
just like link tags
(name you can get from devtools ,)

Thank you!

What is devtools? Is it Chrome DevTools?

almost it is ,
setting/advanced/developer mode (on,)
and ctrl+shift+i