Canary 0.0.3: Allow to disable `collapsed:: true` property

Is it possible to disable the collapsed property and only store it the db (not files)?
My use case: I have some really big outlines and I want to browse (visualize) them to review some things. As they are very big, I need to collapse a lot. But each collapsed node is altering the document (I want it to be read only if I don’t do any edition).
I hope that some day we can recursively collapse all nodes to allow better visualization of all nodes at some level, and then expanding each of those nodes that I’m interested in. But If I have a big outline, recursively collapsing all nodes will make the markdown file full of collapased:: true properties.

So, it’s possible to disable storing collapsed:: true property in the markdown (but having it in the db). If later I need to re-index the graph I have no problems losing collapsed nodes state.

Ideally it should be better to move out all code to a plugin and allow to enable it if needed, o also, per page/file configuration (Having default behavior for all pages and override per page that behaviour)


Yes, I would like to have some way to avoid having the “collapsed” property stored in Markdown files. (It creates lots of visual clutter when viewing my files in Obsidian, for example.)

(@Zab, did you add your own vote to this feature request? I added a vote, but it looks like there is only 1 total votes at present. You should be able to add a vote as well.)

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