Cannot edit deadline/schedule using date picking panel

I started to use M1 chip Mac days ago and I switched to logseq arm version. Since then I encountered an annoying problem: I click the deadline/schedule bracket and the date picking panel no longer pops up. – it simply turns into the text-editing mode (typing to change the date manually).

I was thinking if it is M1 chip that caused the bug so I switched back to x64 version (Rosetta), yet the problem is still there.

Can anyone help? Many thanks!

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Thanks for the reporting! We’re working on a fix on this.

Thanks! It is comforting to know I’m not the only one and the fix is on its way.

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It’s fixed in, we’ll cut a new release later.

Hello, tienson. Have you read my updated report? Many thanks.

I’ve downloaded 0.4.6 and tried both dmg and zip, the problem is still there. Also, the file unzipped from 0.4.6zip still shows to be 0.4.5.