Cannot use Logseq web with Brave browser

When I try to use Logseq web with Brave I get the message “It seems that your browser doesn’t support the new native filesystem API, please use any chromium 86+ browser like Chrome, Vivaldi, Edge, Brave, etc.”. As Brave is based on Chrome, and appears in the list of recommended Browsers this should not be happening. (NB I could use Chrome, but am reticent as I uninstalled it due to a browser hijack).

This is not a deal breaker as I am happily using the desktop app, and also have the option to work with Github. But I thought it would be useful to trial the Web version as I have read it is more up-to-date.

The reason is that Brave removed support for native file system API.

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Thanks. Good to know! I think I might try Vivaldi

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Closed as issue explained. Added a post to the FAQ for potential future questions on this topic.