Can't copy several bullets at once

I’m trying to copy several bullets at once to paste them somewhere else but unable to. Earlier today it was working fine. I tried quitting and restarting but now I can only copy one bullet point at a time. Anybody have a clue what’s happening and how to fix it? Thank you very much

Some random thoughts:

  • How do you select the multiple bullets?
    • dragging the mouse
    • Shift + arrows
  • Are these bullets at the same indentation level?
  • Do they have any special content?
  • How do you give the command to copy/paste?
    • option from the context menu
    • some key combination
  • Do you have any plugins that may be interfering?
    • Any special change since earlier today?
  • Can you paste the clipboard’s content outside Logseq?
  • Try in a new empty graph:
    • preferably without plugins or other customization
    • with bullets of very simple content

Place my curser and drag down. Nothing special. Like I would do on any Mac document. At the moment, I can paste one bullet of copied text. I had added some extensions trying to export a PDF but could nto get them to work. So I disabled them and that’s when the issue began.

Now sometimes it works but most of the time it doesn’t

So if I place my curser on the line and click-select then move down the page and select the grouping of bullets it will highlight and I can copy. But the pasting is a mess. 1 bullet and text all over the place. Lots of extra work to clean it up.

  • Please try the remaining last two suggested steps:
    • Paste the copied bullets in an empty notepad, to see if the markdown is the expected one.
    • Copy-paste from/to a new simple graph, to see if the problem exists there too.
  • There is a chance that your markdown is corrupted (maybe by some extension) and needs cleaning in an external editor.