Can't import because of duplicate filenames?

So I just downloaded LogSeq & pointed it at my PKB folder, which is thousands of MD files (plus some images, PDFs, etc) in a folder tree that should* live in git…

and I start getting errors that it can’t import from one folder because it’s conflicting with in another folder… wow, no support for folders? surprised to see that missing, even in a pre-1.0 version… IMHO that’s part of minimum-viable for a PKB

  • it would live in git if Android had a git client that could stream fetches instead of erroring that the repo is too big (errors with large repos due to Inflater · Issue #54 · maks/MGit · GitHub)… so instead I use VSCode to edit/view/search on desktop, ACode to edit on Android, & Obsidian strictly to sync (because it’s the only sync I can find that uploads changes from mobile automatically)

(my goal is to get rid of Obsidian, because it’s a major pain point for everything except sync)

Is this feedback, a feature request, or just venting? Logseq supports folders. That is why it recognized and attempted to import the files that were in your subfolders.

I understand your frustration, but the average Logseq user is trying to get away from a forced global top-down tree-like structure. And your files do have identical names.

I don’t know how Logseq is supposed to handle this other than to be like Obsidian/Evernote/Notion/whoever else has a lefthand collapsible tree I can never keep accurately organized.

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Logseq is very intentionally not using folders.
It imports all your files and creates a networked graph out of it. Unique file names are necessary for that.
It is based in bi-directional links, not folders. It is fundamentally a different way to store things.
It is a way of note taking without imposing strict hierarchy.
So yes your files can live in folders, but it will consider all files on equal footing and thus the same name will create a conflict.

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it’s not a vent… it’s a statement that it hasn’t reached minimal viable product yet, but I’ll check back when it gets to v1.0… I tried Dendron previously, 2000ish MD files with unique names the scrolling was painful, never mind the heavy page-to-page linking, with relative paths because absolute paths to the root folder would force that root folder to also be a system root folder (the main reason I’m not using a wiki in Azure DevOps)

I’d be perfectly happy to just use git, except that the git on Android situation would mean no mobile for me… which obviously defeats the purpose

I have to disagree. Specifically I would have to say that Logseq is then simply not the tool you are looking for.
The unique filename situation is intentional as I stated.

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