Can't login with Github

I initially used my gmail to login to logseq. After a few days I also added a github account with the same email. When I try to login with Github it says email already have exists. What to do?

Guys I really could use help on this? Anybody?

The only things I can think of (which you might already have tried):

  • Clear your browser cache (there might be leftovers from a previous Github access
  • Try from a different device or in a different browser
  • Make sure you’re not accidentally choosing a new login/registration option. Unlikely, I know but it happens to me occasionally on other sites
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Thanks for replying .

I actually took a backup of my notes deleted my logseq account and after a few hours it started to work. The funny thing is now I am able to work on web logseq with Github and work on Desktop with the same mail that I use in Github with no problem.