Can't open graph in browser (Chrome)

I have to use logseq with a browser on work PC as can’t install software. I do have git bash and that’s how I backup my local logseq folder. Since yesterday have major issues being able to use logseq from Chrome. First it showed double journal entry for the new day - one in date format I have set in settings and one for the default date view. I tried re indexing and then would only display the default date and as if it’s the only entry. I unlinked the local folder and tried to re-open again and now it just sits and spins saying processing files.

However I have no problem opening same graph synced from github on my personal PC with the actual logseq Windows app.

Not good situation - not being able to access from browser on work PC - Any ideas or other people having same issue?

Did you get an answer to your question about using logseq in browser?

No I didn’t - I have quit using Logseq since but thanks for asking