Can't use keyboard to place cursor in main text area of a new empty note

TL;DR: How do I place the cursor in the main section of a new note without using the mouse? I want to enter a new note I’ve just navigated to and quickly start taking notes…

Here is a little Video of what I’m seeing…

Hello All - I’m trying to use only the keyboard… That said, when I create a new page with [[new page]] and then follow the link to that new page with CMD-O (still not using the mouse), I end up at the new page, but the cursor seems to be stuck at the bottom Linked Reference section (see 1 in my screenshot)… I can’t seem to get the cursor where it should be by default when entering a new page (see 2 in my screenshot). *The only way I am able to actually start tying in my new note is to grab the mouse and click where it says to click… :confused: Am I missing something here or is this just the way it is?! *

*I posted this in discord as well but didn’t get any feedback yet


I can confirm the behaviour - it is the same for me. This also falls for me under the points where the cursor jumps to completely inappropriate places - there are already some bug reports about this.

If no one knows a “trick”, I suggest posting a FeatureRequest.

I would also like to be able to operate Logseq with the keyboard only :blue_heart: Unfortunately, this is not yet possible throughout.

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Thank you for your reply. Let’s see if any Devs chime in here or in Discord and I’ll put in a FR or BR as they see fit.

Yeap seems like a good UX improvement. I would say by the end consistent behavior will create a intuitive UX

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Thanks for the reporting! We’ll fix this soon.


Thank YOU! Hopefully the fix is that the cursor will be blinking in the main body of the note and ready to start typing immediately :blush: