Capitalization Issues

Hi all. Thanks for making a great product. I just wanted to report a weird bug that I’m getting with my pages. The capitalization of the title of pages switches back and forth between lowercase, Title Case, and UPPERCASE seemingly at random. I’ve attached a screenshot of an example. Even though the page is titled “Waiting”, it automatically changes to “WAITING” when in renders in Logseq. I’ve noticed the same for other pages too. Is there a fix for this?

Without an actual solution: what comes to mind is that WAITING is a special keyword in Logseq, together with:

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Ah, interesting! I had forgotten that waiting was a block marker, since I don’t use it for that. I would be willing to bet this has something to do with it. Since it’s not something that seems to break anything (at least that I can see), I’ll just change my “waiting” tag to something else that Logseq doesn’t use internally.

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