Card groups, or cards grouped by block

Hi there… so I really like the flashcard functionality of logseq.

I do however have multiple topics in my database, and find it better personally to review a certain set of flashcards by topic, instead of everything mixed together. For example, I would like to only review flashcards that relate to work topics like SQL queries, etc, and at another point review all the cards related to learning Greek. Or even, within the Greek learing “domain” to be able to specify which sub-topic’s cards I would like to review, for example, Verb Paradigms.

So in short, I think it would be great if you could have some form of card “folder” or “group” in which you can dump related cards, so you don’t ONLY have to review ALL your cards together and in random order.

I think Roam research allows you to review cards grouped by bullet point/block, plus all it’s sub-bullets/sub-blocks, which I think would be a great feature for logseq.

You can use /card to query cards and review that queried subset.

Query documentation: