Challenge 3: Build a Content Creation Pipeline

Click here to download the training graph for Challenge 3

Today’s challenge will help you consolidate the knowledge and experience you gained from the previous challenges. And while you may think you’re not a content creator, you probably are; memos, blog posts, and anything else you share with others are content. And to make this creation process easier, we’ll use our notes as the building materials.

If you’ve followed along, you should have everything for this challenge. You should also know by now how to link or tag blocks so that they appear in queries. The only “new” thing in this challenge is the concept of block references. If you’re unfamiliar with them, check out this help article on the basics of block references.

Read the instructions below to complete the challenge. Following Systems Thinking, we’ve already identified the inputs, movements, and output of the content creation pipeline.

The inputs

For most content creators, snippets of text (i.e., blocks) are the inputs.

Now that we have a content consumption process in place (from challenge 2) and know how to create indexes of notes (from challenge 1), we have all the ingredients to produce the inputs for our creation phase.

The movements

  1. It starts when you collect a piece of content to consume later.
  2. You consume a piece of content while you keep Logseq open, saving highlights and taking notes.
  3. In a separate pass, you tag highlights and notes that are interesting enough to ponder more deeply.
  4. To collect interesting bits for your outline, you create indexes of related notes.
  5. Finally, you go through the indexes you created in the previous step and take block references from them for the outline.

The output

We’re looking to produce an outline for a piece of content. This is content in the broadest sense: an internal memo, a blog article, or even an entire paper. And as we’ll see in tomorrow’s challenge, content can even be an update email to project stakeholders.

Questions? Insights?

If you have any questions or insights related to today’s challenge, please post them in this forum thread.


i was hoping to see a Youtube video link
Problem could be that my tablet only has Silk web browser as it is a vanilla Amazon Fire OS android-variant with only an Amazon app store for apps

There is no video with this challenge. You need to download the training graph (see link at the top of the post) and do the exercise it tells on the Journals page.

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