Change colors of single words or part of sentences

Hi to everyone,
I am trying to define a macro in order to change some words’ color. I’ve followed what also discussed in this post of the community, the problem I am encountering is that by defining such macro is that the colored text inserts a “newline” just before and after, like in the pictures added below.
Is there a way to color a part of the sentence, without having it on a new line?

(already tried with something like:

:light-yellow "[:span {:style \"color: #d9d898; display: inline\"} $1]"


:light-yellow "[:span {:style \"color: #d9d898; display: inline !important; white-space: nowrap;\"} $1]"

but does not work
Thanks in advance for the help!

Try putting the following rule in file custom.css :

div.macro[data-macro-name='light-yellow'] ,
div.macro[data-macro-name='light-yellow'] div.hiccup_html
  display: inline;
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Thanks a lot, this solved the problem. One last question: do you have a hint on how to treat bold and italic inside that colored text? Do I have to re-define them somehow for each color?
Let me explain: by typing: {{light-yellow "text **here**"}}, I am not obtaining the word here in bold, but it prints also the star symbols: what I get as output is “text **here**” instead of “text here”"

For further formatting should use either:

  • html
  • hiccup, like you already did
    • e.g. [:b here]
    • or better:
      • apply some class, e.g. {:class "classname"}
      • define its style in custom.css
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Thanks a lot for the suggestion!