Change colour or add an emoji to a daily journal headline

Hello Community,

is there a possibility to chnage the colour of a daily journal or add an emoji?
My case is that i wnat to see in Journla overview which days are “done” … means i processed all my notes of the day.

Many thanks for your ideas.

Best wishes


Welcome. One way is to:

  • add some css rule in file custom.css:
    .journal-item:has(.day-done) {
      background: green
  • then somewhere inside each done day to type some dedicated html:
    <span class="day-done" />

Hi! That’s an amazing start. But now the whole day is green. Is this also possible only for the headline?
Like if .journal-item:has(.day-done) then .ls-page-title: green ?

Replace this:
.journal-item:has(.day-done) {
…with this:
.journal-item:has(.day-done) h1.title {


How would you flip it so it changes when it does NOT have <span class="day-done" />?

.journal-item:not(:has(.day-done)) h1.title {

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