Change default image paste behavior

How can I change the default behavior when I paste an image into LogSeq?

I pasted a picture in and here’s the markup it created:
vlcsnap-2022-12-05-10h27m44s448.png{:height 1288, :width 720}

What it does now: Pastes the picture at full size and takes up the whole screen!

Desired Behavior: Take images and posts them at half height and width, or … shrinks them down as best it can to a reasonable size.

There has to be a place to edit this default markup, but where is it? Also is there a good place for documentation? I am new and feel foolish posting a simple question, but I don’t know where to start. I tried searching “Image” in the configuration file with no luck!

Here’s a picture for the nosy and curious :stuck_out_tongue:

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