Change the Icon of (Certain) Bullets


So when writing in markdown, I personally find that sometimes, it is a bit difficult to visually distinguish a header element (say h3 and smaller) from regular texts. Now, I’ve seen that in the bear app, there are indicators H1 H2 H3 … before the headers, which really help view the document. And since logseq is an outliner as I’ve come to know, by default there are bullets before each block, so in my opinion it could be a natural solution to change the bullet icon before a header to something like a sharp ‘#’ or three sharps ‘###’, correspondingly. More generally, the default icon of a bullet could be made custom and be replaced by other suitable icons or symbols according to the properties of the block it is associated with.

Now the question is, is there any way to change the icons of bullets before certain blocks? And btw I am not familiar with css in the slightest way, if there is any super easy solution that can be done with css that is established as common sense (in this case please tell me how XD), I am terribly sorry the spam!