Change to basic todo list?

Is there a way to not have the T or D box next to the check box? I just want basic todo function if possible.


I don’t know if this meets your requirements, but I think you can give it a try.

In logseq, you can generate a basic to-do list by typing - [ ]&- [x] at the beginning of the line, and in fact, typing + [ ]&+ [x] would work.

There are three problems with doing this:

  1. must be entered on the second line of the block to be recognized; entering it on the first line is invalid.

  2. it is not possible to switch the to-do status from TODO to DONE by clicking on it.

  3. the basic to-do list is not recognized by logseq, and you cannot set a deadline and repeat for it.

Finally, I recorded a gif so you can see the effect.

basic todo list