Changes saved to file indicator: much needed!

A while back, some people have discussed having a “confirmation” that a file was saved.
At the time I was opposed to it (mostly because I was concerned about cluttering the interface.)

After experiencing some dataloss this week, I reconsidered.

I had a weird case (on iOS) where Logseq wasn’t writing the changes in the file on the file system.
I tried to close the app, reopen it, make new changes. Nothing worked: the local file didn’t have the changes.

Therefor I changed my mind: we need a way to see if the changes have been saved to the local file.
Maybe a simple “green/orange” indicator like the one in Roam would do, that, when hovered, confirms the stats of changes?

It will also be very useful to be able to visualize a list of all the latest changes (a bit like what Notion offers.)

So that at the end of the day, we can be sure that everything is still there! :slight_smile:

I might not be the only one who noticed this problem: